Wild American Caviar

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Wild American Caviar is great to enjoy. We offer four varieties of Wild American Caviar. This includes our American Hackleback Sturgeon Caviar, American Paddlefish Spoonbill Caviar, Wild American Black Bowfin Caviar and our Wild Alaskan Salmon Caviar. All these Caviar selections are unique in pearl size, flavor and texture. All our American Caviar is ethical, eco-sustainable and fresh. We apply Caspian Method Processing to our Wild American Caviar selections.

A great portion of Wild American Caviar is harvested from the Mississippi River and its tributaries in states like Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri. Also from major rivers that stretch from Idaho to California. Salmon is unique in that it comes from Alaska. It is precisely this variation in habitat and specie what gives American Caviar its versatility in size, flavor and texture.

Wild American Hackleback Sturgeon Caviar: A true Sturgeon, this caviar is most commonly found Wild American Sturgeon. It is harvested from the Scaphirhynchus platorynchus, commonly known as “Hackleback,” “shovelnose” and “switchtail”. Its caviar in medium size and dark. It has a creamy texture and a delicious nutty taste. Out of all varieties of Sturgeon found worldwide, Hackleback is the smallest, reaching a maximum size of only 28 inches and rarely weighing more than five pounds. Females take eight to ten years to reach the maturity age when spawning can occur. Additionally, they only become gravid every three years. These important biological facts make Hackleback a species prone to poaching and illegal fishing.
American Paddlefish Spoonbill Caviar: Paddlefish Caviar is one of the most famous, sought after, types of American Caviar. This specie is even older than the dinosaurian Sturgeon, and biologically speaking, it can be considered as sturgeon’s older cousin. Paddlefish Caviar is small and ranges in color from grey to platinum. It has a distinct flavor and it is buttery and smooth. Spoonbills are giants that can grow as big as six feet and have been found to be as heavy 100 pounds! They also have a late maturity age of over ten years old and females are believed to spawn only every couple of years.
American Wild Bowfin Caviar: Bowfin in another very old species of fish. It is the sole survivor of a family of species that originated in the Jurassic period. This highly adaptable specie has lived for millions of years in the United States. Bowfin Caviar is also known as “Choupique” or “Cajun”, it is jet black and small. It can be used in a variety of dishes. Sasanian Caviar offers a variety of Pepper infused Bowfin, try Sasanian Ghost Pepper Caviar.
Alaskan Salmon Caviar: Already famous for its delicious meat, Salmon is also praised for its caviar. Sasanian Caviar only uses authentic Alaskan Coho Salmon. Distinctive by it large and bright coral red pearls, Salmon Caviar is known by its flavorful roe. Salmon caviar can be served with rye bread, butter and vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers; it can also be served more elegantly on a blini with creme fraiche. Salmon Caviar can also accompany your favorite recipes to give them an extra touch of glamour.

Salmon fishes have a very peculiar life cycle, they start their lives in freshwater streams where they live for their first two years and then migrate to the sea. Coho Salmon spends two to three years in salt water and return to freshwater to spawn. Coho salmon is found in both sides of the North Pacific Ocean, from Japan and Russia to Alaska and large part of the United States west coast.

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Ethic Wild American Caviar

In the recent decades, the popularity of Wild American Caviar increased due to the restrictions imposed by National and International Agencies on Caspian Caviar trade. The scarcity and eventually completely lack of wild Caspian Caviar opened the market for American species that had been waiting for its time to shine.

The sudden profitability of Hackleback, Paddlefish and Bowfin has lead to an increase of their illegal fishing and trade. Sasanian Caviar only uses wild caviar harvested following all regulations and environmental laws.

Wild American Caviar is processed by Caspian Method experts who have several years of experience in the traditional craftsmanship of caviar. Processed only with the lowest amount of salt and carefully handled to offer you only the best. Our facility is maintained under rigid guidelines in full compliance with US and CITES regulations.

Wild American Caviar is packed fresh to order by our careful experts. All orders are shipped in thermo-secure boxes with ice packs using next day delivery service to ensure your caviar maintains its freshness. No order is too big or too small. We caviar delivers nationwide and to Puerto Rico without any restrictions in order amount. You can trust Sasanian caviar to always be fresh; never full of additives or pasteurized, we only offers the finest, most impressive Wild American Caviar.